• Kari Scott

Need some resources when talking with your friends?

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Here are a couple of lists of things about Pete that volunteers have compiled. If you support Pete and hear something untrue, this will give you some resources to counter the myths.

  • Medium's List of South Bend's Racial Justice Initiatives Probably the most comprehensive list with sources

  • Wiki-PETE-ia Sourced list of things about Pete sorted by topic

  • Good Guy Pete Podcast Podcast put together by residents of South Bend who support Pete, but are not members of the Pete campaign. This was mostly done to counter the media bias around the question "If you haven't fixed South Bend, how can you run for president?"

  • The Pete Channel A treasure-trove of Pete resources put together by a fan. Has picture, podcasts and videos you can share with people.

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