• Kari Scott

Have some Pete-curious friends, but need help with more information about Pete?

Here are some resources...

Pete for America Official Web Site Resources

  • Meet Pete - more about Pete's biography

  • Ask Pete - answers to any question about Pete's policy in Pete's own voice

  • Pete's Plans - links to all of Pete's policy statements

  • South Bend Stories - videos from residents of South Bend: the people who know Pete best

Other Sources- not from the official campaign, but great resources none-the-less!

  • WikiPetia - a wiki with all kinds of information about Pete

  • The Pete Channel - links to almost every video, along with other information about Pete

  • - a comprehensive list of South Bend’s efforts towards racial justice and equity under Pete Buttigieg

  • Buttons For Pete PDF Library - links to free home-printable PDF brochures/flyers

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